mirea 街を彩る ヒト・モノ・コトをつなぐ[ミレア]

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

A paradise of love and play that you can enjoy four different aquariums and attractions
Resort island full of facilities such as restaurants, including the largest aquarium and attractions in Japan. Inland is free, so you can take a walk while blowing in a pleasant sea breeze, spend a relaxing time at the cafe, or relaxing all day.

The first thing I want to visit is four different aquariums with different themes. Popularity is “Dolphin Fantasy” where you can see the dolphins bow down in the arcuate aquarium where natural light falls. Like a sea floor walk, you can feel fantastic.

Experience program to interact with the creatures of the sea is enriched. In the contact lagoon, we also have an “contact program” that allows you to swim and play with dolphins.

“Aqua ride II” that you can experience the rapid rush while riding in a tubular ride and splashing in splash. It is one of the attractions of Sea Paradise that you can enjoy various attractions from screaming machines to Kibikko.

“Surf coasters Leviathan” that runs through the sea and the loops protruding in the sea refreshingly. At night, the roof of the platform shines like a rainbow color, it is very fantastic.

“Fishing” program was carried out in the breeding zone of “Umi Farm”. Fish caught can be eaten with fried chicken or salt-baked on the spot.


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