mirea 街を彩る ヒト・モノ・コトをつなぐ[ミレア]

Cup noodle museum

Look at, touch, play, eat and learn creative thinking that gave rise to cup noodles!

A museum that invented the world’s first instant noodle “chicken ramen” and can experience “creative thinking = creative thinking” of Mr. Momofuko Ando, founder of Nissin Foods Innovating world food culture through a number of exhibits. You can see, touch, play, eat, learn hints of invention / discovery while having fun.

Exhibit the lineup of instant noodles starting from “Chicken noodles”. Expressing the instant noodles that started with only one product about half a century ago into a global food culture is represented by overwhelming number of packages exceeding 3,000 points.

Faithfully reproduce the research hut in which the world’s first instant noodle “chicken noodle” was born. Even without special facilities, if there is an idea, global inventions can be created only by common tools. Such a message is put in this research hut.

Momofuku Ando realized bold ideas one after another, with overflowing curiosity and creative thinking that nobody thought of anyone.
Here, six boxes are prepared to know the creative ideas of Ando Momofuka. Let’s find hints of invention / discovery while enjoying while playing.

The most popular is “My Cup noodle factory” which can make only one original “cup noodle” in the world. Start by designing your own cup. Purchase a special cup and draw your favorite picture with a special pen.

After putting noodles in a cup, season the following. You can choose one of four soups (cup noodle, seafood noodle, cup noodle curry, chili tomato noodle) and four ingredients from 12 kinds (shrimp, egg, leek, leek, Nyaruto, etc.). A combination of taste, 5,660 street!

Cover the cup with heat and pressure, wrap it in a film and pack it tightly with heat.

After putting the cup in the air package and putting in air, the completion of only one My Cup noodle in the world!

“NOODLES BAZAAR – World Noodle Road -” is a food attraction where Ando Momofuku encountered, can experience various “noodles” from around the world. It is a space that



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