mirea 街を彩る ヒト・モノ・コトをつなぐ[ミレア]

Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum & Mall

Anpanman and his friends are armed. Let’s play together well!

Participation / experiential museum where the world of TV anime “Soreike! Anpanman” popular with children spreads. Look, touch, experience. Of course, there are lots of original goods and foods like Anpanman. Let’s enjoy a day together with Anpanman and friends!

ⒸTakashi Yanase/Froebel-kan,TMS,NTV

First of all, we went to the 3rd floor “Odeme – Maikae Diorama”. Anpanman and his companions will pick you up and welcome you.

ⒸTakashi Yanase/Froebel-kan,TMS,NTV

In contact town on the 2nd floor, SL Man, a very popular boy, is waiting. Even if you ride with your friends OK!

ⒸTakashi Yanase/Froebel-kan,TMS,NTV

At Anpanman Plaza of shopping mall, the happy stage of Anpanman and fellows will be held every day twice a day and evening. Dancing, doing, exercising, and dancing “familiar” Anpanman March “and” Sunsan Mousou “in animation. As the content changes according to the season, even when visiting many times it gets excited.

ⒸTakashi Yanase/Froebel-kan,TMS,NTV

At the Tanaka Takashi theater on the first floor, you can enjoy three mini-stages everyday. Sing, dance and have fun together with Anpanman and  sister!

ⒸTakashi Yanase/Froebel-kan,TMS,NTV

Anpanmen are patrolling the museum in the museum every day and walking around. If you find it, give him a cuddly hug and high touch and say hello.

ⒸTakashi Yanase/Froebel-kan,TMS,NTV

Do not forget, uncle Jam’s bread factory. Anpanman and friends’ breads are inside the shop, handmade by hand one by one. Do not forget, uncle Jam’s bread factory. Uncle Jam and Mr. Batako like to make delicious breads with the whole heart, you can see the way you make bread carefully one by one.

ⒸTakashi Yanase/Froebel-kan,TMS,NTV

In the shop, character buns of anpanman and his friends are arbitrarily arranged. I can eat it in the cafe space, but I bought it and got it back to the souvenir.



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