mirea 街を彩る ヒト・モノ・コトをつなぐ[ミレア]

Orbi Yokohama

Play! Discover! Experience the Earth in Orbi Yokohama!

SEGA with its innovative entertainment technologies and BBC Earth with its visually captured nature’s mystery creating an amazing project in Yokohama! Orbi is an entertainment type museum, the conceptually new collaboration of the two giant companies.
Experience the world through an overwhelming picture and communication with animals.
Explore our planet for an enjoyable feeling for both adults and kids!

An “Earth Cruising”– BBC aerial footage of the Earth’s continents projected on a giant curved screen.
You don’t just observe – you also feel the flight with gusts of wind matched to each scene.

“Kids playground: Mega Bugs”. The space makes you feel as small as an insect. Here,
kids can experience the world as bugs, playing with the special equipment, installed in the shape of tree leaves and branches.

“Animal Selfie”. Stand in front of the magical mirror (screen) and watch horns spring from your head or your body transform into animal patterns.
Match yourself with CG imagery and have fun!

“Ocean Explorer”. Take a walk from the sea surface down to its hidden depths with
the 12m-wide curved screen.
Watch creatures of the sea in this ocean world, so unlike the world on land.

Even in Africa right under the equator you can find a subzero world.
At “Frozen: Mt. Kenya” you will experience temperature changes – the day temperatures are around 25℃, but at night they drop as low as -20℃.
This feeling is surprising and can be understood only by those who experienced it.

“Animal Studio”- see animals and touch some of them. Feel the warmth of living creatures.

Visit SHOP and see many original goods with nature motif.
Find the one you like and take it with you as your memories.


BBC Earthの映像とセガのエンタテインメント技術を融合し、地球上の様々なシーンを演出。都会にいながら大自然の真ん中に入り込んだかのような体験ができる世界初の「超地球体感ミュージアム」。

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    MARK IS みなとみらい 5F
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    月~木 9:00~21:00(最終入館20:00) 金~日、祝/祝前日 9:00~22:00(アニマルスタジオは最終入館21:00) アニマルスタジオ 10:00~20:00(最終受付19:40) ※待ち時間によって最終受付時間が早まる場合があります。
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