mirea 街を彩る ヒト・モノ・コトをつなぐ[ミレア]

Play…Discover…Super Earth Experience Orbi Yokohama

BBC Earth.Orbi, which has captured the mystery of nature with its amazing visual power, is a totally new type of interface developed by two companies as a joint project. It is a Miyi Am, a world that is overwhelmed by the overwhelming image of the world, and it is actually touching the animals, and the emotions that make the world feel like it are the enthusiasm of adults and children alike!
“EARTH CRUISING”, which projects BBC aerial imagery on a large curved screen and travels on various continents on the earth, not only images but also the direction of the wind that matches each scene, Such a simulated flight experience can be appreciated.

The theme of “KIDS PLAYGROUND: Mega Bugs” is an unexpected world where you can feel the world of insects with the play equipment for children who are seen in the leaves and branches of trees when you become an insect size.

“ANIMAL SELFIE”, which stands in front of an unexpected mirror (screen), which can be used to create angles from the head or to change into the same pattern as the animal. .

“OCEAN EXPLORER”, a 12-meter-wide circular sculpture featuring a walk through the sea from the sea to the deep sea, will be healed in the deep blue world unlike the earth.

In the africa just below the equator, there is also a world below freezing, which is Kenya Mountain: “FROZEN: Mt. In Kenya, you can experience a temperature change at the summit of Kenya, where the temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius and the nighttime is about 20 degrees Celsius, which is a surprising feeling for people who have experienced it.

Animal animals are exhibited, and some zones can be touched with animals. “ANIMAL STUDIO” is a zone where you can feel the beauty of living animals.

There are also some original items that are motifs of nature in the SHOP,


BBC Earthの映像とセガのエンタテインメント技術を融合し、地球上の様々なシーンを演出。都会にいながら大自然の真ん中に入り込んだかのような体験ができる世界初の「超地球体感ミュージアム」。

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