mirea 街を彩る ヒト・モノ・コトをつなぐ[ミレア]

Yokohama Museum of Art

Contemporary art is wide-ranging and attention is also paid to the strong exhibition of original colors.

The Yokohama Museum of Art was opened in 1989 as a pavilion of the Yokohama Expo and was officially opened after the exhibition. It has seven exhibition rooms, an art information center with more than 110,000 books, a variety of workshops, Not only the collection exhibition which displays about 12,000 articles from the collection, but also the various project exhibition is held.
The impressive symmetrical exterior is the building of the late Mr. Takeshi Tanmagi, which is still beautiful after four and a half centuries.

It has a 20 – meter – high open – air vent and a staircase – like display space with a floor space of about 100 meters on both sides of the ground, displaying the contemporary art of the museum, and is the symbol of the Yokohama Museum of Art. Anyone can enter the room free of charge, so that it is possible to touch the air with a light air.
“Café Kokura-san”, facing the open space in front of the museum, has a wide range of menus, ranging from dry to light, in natural light, and there is a preview movie for the exhibition, It is also partly exhibited.

In the museum shop, approximately 1,000 kinds of merchandise, such as exhibitions related goods, are handled as well as original items designed for museum collections.

The museum’s original items are well-suited for souvenirs.
The Art Information Center collects, organizes and saves books and images related to the arts has more than about 110,000 books and about 580 artworks, and it has a large, I am glad that anyone can use it free of charge because I can read difficult foreign art magazines and related materials of the exhibition during the exhibition so that I can appreciate it more easily when I come to the museum before going to the museum.


国際的な港町、横浜にふさわしい美術館として、1859年の横浜開港以降の美術に焦点をあて、作品の収集に努め、展覧会を開催しています。中でも写真は、日本における写真発祥の地のひとつ、横浜ならではの優れたコレクションを形成しています。(撮影:笠木 靖之)

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    10:00〜18:00(入館は17:30まで) 木曜および12月28日〜1月3日 休館 ※1月5日(木)、2月23日(木)は開館
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  • Cafe 小倉山
    [横浜美術館 1F]

  • ブラッスリー・ティーズ・ミュゼ
    [横浜美術館 2F]

  • 風の音符 Wind Musical Notes
    [横浜美術館 ]

  • 赤ちゃん休憩室・授乳室 横浜美術館内
    [横浜美術館 2F]


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