mirea 街を彩る ヒト・モノ・コトをつなぐ[ミレア]

Don Quijote

Both practical items and souvenirs are gathered together at the hall of fame surprisingly!

Don Quijote can also be said to be synonymous with the general discount store now. The Isezakicho point here is 4 floors above ground and 1 basement floor with wide sales area, and it is open 24 hours. No matter when you visit there are plenty of customers, both in Japan and abroad.

Cosmetics boasting overwhelming popularity among customers from overseas is a lineup of trusted name Domain In Japan. Because it is sensitive to trends, you will surely find the brand you want!

There are abundant medicines. Also available for children.

I want to pay attention as hidden popular items! Hanko’s vending machine.
Hanko in Japan is popular with customers from overseas. Until now I could not easily buy it like a general Japanese name Hanko, but this vending machine solves the problem at once! In addition to the alphabet, you can also make stuff that “converts” English names into kanji. Materials are also available from 500 yen plastic to full-fledged beef horn so you can choose according to your preference and budget.

When you enter a name with the alphabet, it automatically converts it to Kanji. Since it displays several kinds of candidates, please click on the letter of your choice. After that, just choosing the material, digits in kanji representation dig up in the shortest 10 minutes. Not only to visitors who came to Japan, but also popular for souvenirs to overseas!

Here is a used brand back department. Because it is properly care, there are many things that are comparable to new ones, and it is quite a bargain.

It is okay if you buy too many souvenirs. The suitcase is also surprisingly complete.

It seems to be a Japanese culture, a character’s costume. Costumes of characters are popular as well as Pikachu!

Fourth floor tax exclusion corner. Please contact us in correspondence in a foreign language Welcome!

Aside from the tax exclusion corner, the popular Japanese snacks line up. It is convenient for bulk buying.



  • ふわふわ、抜群のさわり心地♪こだわりのタオルを選ぼう

  • 秋冬のビルケンは、スエードに衣替え!

  • プレゼントするなら、いつも携帯してもらえるものを♡

  • ドリアにグラタン、あったかオーブンメニューのお供に