mirea 街を彩る ヒト・モノ・コトをつなぐ[ミレア]

Yokohama station

Start your tour with Yokohama station, a main access point.
A variety of department stores with high-quality domestic and imported goods
as well as restaurants, cafes and information desks are
located in and around it.

Travel tip: visit B2 floor of Sogo department store for gourmet food gifts and souvenirs
from all the areas of Japan.




  • 70年の時を刻む野毛の老舗バーで。素敵な出会い、いっぱい!

  • プルプルふわふわなパンケーキをいただきます!

  • 工事現場の壁面アートにも注目!

  • ちょっとの時間で異空間へ!古民家風の里山温泉で